A rant of sorts. 

I try to separate personal and work and school, I’m not good at it. I constantly switch from tweeting about what songs I’m listening to and how awesome coffee is to tweeting about the legal cases that involve women’s rights. Today the Supreme Court made a decision in Whole Woman’s Health V. Hellerstedt, the Texas abortion laws regulating clinics was found unconstitutional because it puts an undue burden on women (which is what Roe V. Wade is in place to stop from happening, undue burden). It’s exciting, to me, I love legal cases and I love when they’re decided in a way that I agree with.. but, who doesn’t love when their views are deemed more right than others? With that being said, I’m not saying this case has said that my pro-choice perspective on abortion and reproductive health is the more, or most right perspective. I’m saying that legally there was undue burden in the Texas law and I believed that before the Supreme Court decided to rule on the case. If we are going to talk about abortion and access to abortion, I would love to say that my perspective is the most right: don’t limit medical training or individual access to health care even if you personally would not chose to participate in particular sectors of health care, you should not limit the choices of others. Obviously, there is no way I can say my perspective is the most right, I can only explain why I take this perspective and use evidence to support that reasoning. My simplest explanation is the quote that was on the print on my bedroom wall for the majority of my childhood, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The phrase stuck, I try to do my best to be respectful to everyone in all the nooks and crannies of my life. This includes not forcing anyone into anything they don’t want for themselves; in other words, Let doctors practices and let women make choices about their bodies and their families. This also includes respecting those who disagree with my perspective. I have friends who look at abortion and reproductive health care from a very different perspective than I do, and though I aggressively disagree with them I do try to listen and I do try to read the articles they post, because I would want them to listen to my perspective and read the things I share with an open mind. Sadly, I don’t think that’s the case and it’s extremely disheartening. Not everyone is interested in acknowledging, let alone respecting, that there are people in this world who are not in the same position in the universe as them. There are people who cannot afford to have a child, there are people who cannot physically carry a child, there are people who do not have childbearing as a goal for their life and there are plenty of other places that people might be in their lives that lead them to seek out abortion. Your personal views should not get in the way of other people’s medical care and no one should be shamed for their personal life choices.
An incomplete rant for the blog-osphere. I would love to hear how you understand this issue and how you understand your perspective and the perspective of others.

And since this blog is supposed to be about living in Colorado with my boyfriend I would like to add that I am so grateful for his support and perspective when it comes to topics such as this. It’s great that he has that legal logic. I may have some legal logic but I also know that I’m already biased, it’s great to have help in taking a step back and getting a better view of the situation.


I Con not. 

I’ve been struggling with what to write about. Work is happening, second work is getting started, it’s 100 degrees all the time. There are plenty of things I could write about but my brain freezes up every time I try to get started. I went to Denver Comic Con, it was interesting. I enjoy superheroes and Harry Potter. I love Adventure Time and people in amazing costumes! It was my first Denver Comic Con and Denver’s 5th Comic Con. I’ve learned that I might not be a Comic Con person. I love seeing everyone’s art work, from the people with booths to those who walk around in the most elaborate outfits, The art is amazing. I also love listening to panels, especially the educational ones, I pretty much made this my “Feminist Comic Conference” by going to every panel about women and LGBT in Comics and general media representation. It really was a great experience. I saw Stan Lee! I did not wait in line or pay of an autograph or picture, I just saw him with my eyeballs and then moved on. I don’t like autographs. I saw actors who play some of my favorite TV characters and the voice of the animated Wonder Woman but I didn’t go up and talk to them, I didn’t ask them to sign anything for me. I legitimately just saw them, I walked by their booths and stood up on my tippy toes to see over everyone. And that was enough to satisfy my soul. I would probably flip out if I saw them in my everyday life, I mean, That one time I saw Michael Franti outside a venue I said “I know you!” covered my mouth and then giggled for way too long. That could have been an amazing interaction of me explaining the impact his music has had on my life, but instead I froze and panicked and he walked away. THAT IS EXCITING. Yeah, I made a fool of myself but it was great and memorable and random, my favorite. the other thing I’m not good at that I feel like you need to be into for Comic Con is spending money, There are some pretty cool things and some pretty fun tee-shirts but nothing that I need to live a successful life. I don’t need more tee-shirts to take up space in my drawers so I can wear them to bed. I don’t need sculptures of my favorite characters or action figures. There are people who do need those things, people who are much more aggressive into their fandoms. Some people can wear tee-shirts to work every day, I can’t. Some people have big houses to keep all their fun trinkets, I don’t. Some people have money, I’m a student, I will never. So the whole floor section was fun to explore but I didn’t feel compelled to purchase things which meant I was moving through the space faster than everyone else and that was a problem. Everyone was practicing their snail pace, and Colorado is already pretty slow for this New York child. I guess it was a good lesson in patience but I was definitely out of my element. I’ll try again new year, if you have any tips for having a successful Comic Con I would love to hear them! 

Summa time 

Sadly, this blog has been getting neglected for the blog that I share with a few of my friends from high school. I want to continue to talk about my adventures here in Colorado with my Significant Other and so I’m going to do my best to get back to posting regularly. Summer is happening and I’ve already gone on a few new hikes with the boy. We hiked up on Mount Evans where there were still a few feet of snow… I’m hoping to have a few warm hikes as well this summer. Speaking of the hikes I want to go on this summer, I have some hiking goals and some general summer goals. 
I want to hike at least one 14er. Ideally, I’d hike more but I’m setting little goals and as I complete them, the goal can grow.
I really want to build a garden box that can turn into a table in the winter. We have a great balcony but we don’t have a table out there to eat at, which would be nice. I also feel like I haven’t been using my hands enough. This brings me to my next goal…
Be on my computer much less. I’m technically out of school so I would like to be away from my computer and read some books and do things outside that are more active than I have been.
And my most important goal, academically… which is counterintuitive to the “less-computer” goal. I want to have my thesis project up and running before July.
Obviously, this looks easy but I also have three part-time jobs for the summer, so if I could just get little dents into this list I will be the happiest camper.
I’ll blog when I get things done.
Thanks for reading.
I appreciate you


Oh yeah! I totally forgot to reintroduce myself! 
A professor told me that the best way to get better at writing is to just continually write, on all platforms and in all contexts. It’ll help me learn to do a lot of things, especially cut back on the content of sentences. I tend to try to fit everything into one sentence and then I’ve got semi colons and commas and the word “and” all over the place and by the time I’m done everyone is trying to take a part the sentence just to get back to the basic ideas I was trying to get across to the world (see, what a mess). Anyway, here’s my updates from the last time I wrote on here:

  • murrr. maybe not. I didn’t write about it while it was happening, there’s no reason to write about it now. 
  • I do like bullet points.
  • Hopefully things from the past will be blog-able in the future.

What a tease of a post. 

Grad school 

My semester is over and I’m still stressed about assignments. Awkwardly graduate school is more blob-ish than undergrad. While working on your under graduate degree you start each semester discussing the syllabus and you end it with a paper/test/presentation that stresses you out for a while but once it’s done.. it.is.done. Graduate school is working towards a thesis so this semester my final paper was not “final” it was step one of getting started on submitting all my thesis proposal and paperwork that is related. So post-semester is just more semester. Graduate school is non-stop, and I am stressed out about it. I shouldn’t be but my body 100% wanted to take a break for a week and I haven’t had that week to adjust into my non-academic life. My life is academic. So I need to figure out how to get that academic life, including the stress, to work in my life and my relationships. It’s not as easy as under grad where I went away to school and did school work there and then went home and lived life and had relationships not related to academia. I guess what I’m trying to say is my partner, who I live with, is expecting me to stop being stressed now that the semester is over but I’m just not stopping. I may even be more stressed because there’s less structure for me to work within, it’s all me organizing my own life and balancing my work, school and social lives. Are people actually capable of this? 
I think I’m struggling to know if I’m stressed about school or if I’m stressed about my relationship.

cliff hanger…


Promises have always been a strange thing for me. Working with kids and seeing how they use the “pinky promise” and make you promise to things is fascinating and always gets me thinking about my perception of promises.

I take promises seriously, I don’t know where it started or why but I take them very seriously. If I make a promise I will do everything in my power to keep that promise. I can recall one time when I broke a promise and for a long time afterwards I would not make promises to anyone about anything, not even something silly.

I’ve backed myself into some strange corners by keeping promises but from my perspective a promise meant it had to be upheld, whatever it may be. It might have to do with my need for scheduling and planning, promises might be interrelated. for example, if I tell you I’ll be somewhere at 3 I will be there before three and I expect you to be there at 3. If i make plans with someone to go out together at a particular time I expect it to happen. I expect people to keep their word because I will keep mine. But for me even the need to “keep your word” isn’t as powerful as “promise”. I’ve used “I promise it wasn’t me” in an attempt to overcompensate for the obvious fact that whoever I’m talking to could easily see the truth. Although I’m critical of making promises and I expect others and myself to keep them I also have used them negatively to protect myself from being found out, I think everyone has; this might also add to my wariness surrounding promises.

Kids want you to promise them things all the time, mostly involving playing games and giving them more of something if they do good or finish. I’m amazed by the power children give to the promise and especially the pinky promise. I know my siblings and I took them just as seriously when we were kids and I really wonder how parents haven’t found reasons to put a stop to secrets in the same way they’ve put a stop to so many of the things that were regularities in my childhood. 

I guess promises actually are serious. Everyone makes them, as I write this I’ve come to see that we expect presidential candidates to keep all their promises. That’s like the most adult person in America and we expect that the promises he/she makes be kept, they need to follow through with what they say. 

It seems as if there is a great deal of importance put on our words. Our abilities to say something and then act on what we said. The promise is a placeholder for the action. The only reason to make a promise with someone is so that you can feel confident in the likelyhood of a future action. I’m absolutely fascinated by how this begins. I think it’s time to do some research.